There are times when you might require a new air conditioning installation in Naples, FL, but do not know when to do so. However, there are a few signs that can help you decide when the right time is.

Signs That Show You Need a New Air Conditioner

Though your unit may still be working, here are a few signs that tell you it is time to replace your air conditioner –

  • Older than Ten Years

Though the average lifespan for an air conditioner is considered 15 years, it is always advisable to consider calling an air conditioning contractor in Naples, FL, to have your system replaced once it crosses the ten-year mark. This way, you can avoid spending extra expenses on the frequent repairs that the system will require. Though the system may appear to be in good condition, ten years is around the limit for internal parts to function properly.

  • High energy bill

It is common for your energy bill to rise during summer due to the continuous use of your AC unit. However, if you notice a sudden spike that is way off the usual margin, it is time to consider having the system replaced. This is usually due to low efficiency, leading to the system performing poorly. While it may be possible to increase the efficiency with repairs, this can become expensive in the long run.

  • High Humidity Level

One of the main duties of an air conditioner is to help monitor your home’s humidity level. This way, there is no excess amount of moisture in the atmosphere. However, if you still feel sticky, regardless of the system running for a while, it is time to schedule a new air conditioning installation in Naples, FL. High humidity level at home suggests that the system cannot maintain the humidity level of your home.

  • Liquid Around the Unit

This is a major indicator that it is time to have your system replaced. It is possible to repair a leak. However, that doesn’t prevent it from occurring again. The liquid around the system could be water due to a leak in the drain pipe. It could also be refrigerant due to a leak in the refrigerant pipe. While water may not be harmful, refrigerant is unless handled properly by a trained individual.

  • Strange Sounds and weird Noises

It is not unusual for an AC unit to have a unique smell and sound while operating. However, there are some weird smells and sounds that indicate a problem with the system –

1. Banging or clanking noises
An internal component has come loose and is hitting against other parts.

2. Rotten egg smell
This is a sulfurous smell which is a strong indicator of a gas leak within the system.

3. Screeching noises
Moving parts have jammed up and are grinding against each other.

4. Musty smell
Mold and mildew are growing within the system, which can create a breeding ground for bacteria.

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