The Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

The Benefits of Installing a New Air Conditioner

In Naples, FL, the four to five months long and hot summer season needs nothing but a highly efficient air conditioning system to beat the heat. But Is a decade-long AC efficient enough to provide the desired cooling? An air conditioner has an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.

You may feel it is better to spend money on frequent air conditioning repair in Naples until the AC exceeds this warranty period, but this is not a wise decision because the amount you have spent on air conditioning repair in Naples, FL, will end up being more expensive than a new AC installation.

Let us Introduce You to The Five Benefits of Installing A New Air Conditioner:

Utility Bills in Control

Earlier the low-budget good brand’s air conditioner came with 14 to 16 SEER ratings, but the latest model comes with 17-18 SEER ratings at an affordable price range. A higher energy efficiency rating means lower utility bills. Thus, installing the new AC will help you reduce your electricity bills.

More Comfortable Indoors

New air conditioning systems are more efficient and provide better cooling with less energy consumption. They are less noisy, and also many air conditioning systems operate quietly. In this way, the new AC will provide you with desirable cooling and comfort indoors.

High Efficiency With Better Cooling

Up-to-date AC models have a better cooling capacity. Nowadays, new Air conditioning systems get matched with upgraded thermostats. A smart thermostat will cool better than the old battery-required thermostat.

Suitable Air Quality

The older the AC gets, the poor air quality it provides. No matter how many times you have cleaned the AC unit and repaired it, the old air conditioning system cannot provide you with fresh and pure air due to wear and tear that usually occurs with constant use. The new AC system has a more efficient air filter. High-quality filtration will provide you with top-quality air.

Upgraded Features And Durability

The new AC will have the latest features, more efficient filters, appealing designs, and higher operating efficiency. Skipping to such cutting-edge technology helps keep adequate indoor air quality and works efficiently for another decade.

Instead of investing money and time in air conditioning repair in Naples, FL, invest in a new AC installation to replace the outdated AC model.

Post AC Installation Tips to Keep Your AC Efficient Forever
  • Clean the AC unit and its contributing parts frequently.
  • Schedule an annual AC tune-up promptly.
  • Get the air filter replaced every month.
  • Ensure you cover your AC during heavy rainfall.
  • Cut the vegetation nearby AC outdoor unit to prevent the risk of debris accumulation.

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