Cooling systems are the lifeline during the hot season and in case you end up with a broken AC unit, it will be very difficult to sustain in the heat. To avoid any such situations, we recommend regular repairs and tune-ups by an expert Air conditioning repair in Cape Coral to avoid faults during the season. There may still be chances that you may face issues with your AC unit, and we’ve listed some signs that will tell you when you need to call an AC repair in Cape Coral expert to avoid major issues.

When To Call an Ac Repair Expert?

  • AC Not Turning On

In case the AC unit is not switching on an expert needs to check the motor and condenser coils to ensure the power supply is working regularly, or if there is ice in the compressor. You will need the help of an air conditioning repair in Cape Coral expert to clean the compressor.

  • Weak & Disrupted Airflow

The AC repair Cape Coral expert needs to check if the airflow is disrupted, as it may be due to dirty air filters, blocked ducts, or any issue with the blower motor. Improperly installed ductwork and frozen evaporator coils will also hamper the airflow.

  • Exaggerated Electricity Bills

Faulty ducts and dirty coils lead to moisture, moulds, and allergens. It makes it difficult to absorb the heat as the coils turn slimy. The heated air is rejected by the coils and condenser fans which further leads to overheating in the unit. So, you need an air conditioning repair expert in Cape Coral to figure out the problem and solve it.

  • Noise

in case you hear a noise from your AC unit, you need to check what kind of noise it is. A squealing noise suggests you must check the belts of the motor, a screeching sound might be due to lack of lubricant in the oil ports, a clicking sound might be an obstruction in the fan or a rattling sound suggests there might be loose components in the system. You must immediately call AC repair in Cape Coral experts to check for loose components.

  • Leaking Water

An AC unit can leak if the condensation pump is broken or there is a refrigerant leak. In any case, an expert would find the spot for leakage and fix it before it leads to major problems.

  • Hot Air

Hot air issues may arise due to uninsulated refrigerant lines or the refrigerant may need recharging.

  • Weird Odour

If your AC smells weird it could be due to leakage that promotes bacterial growth or there may be a wiring hazard that can lead to fatalities. In such cases you must call an air conditioning repair in Cape Coral expert to check the unit, clean it and verify no electrical circuits are problematic.

These signs more or less give indications that an AC unit is facing issues that need to be dealt with to reduce the risk of the unit failing in the middle of the hot season. To avoid such situations, call the Ac repair in Cape Coral experts now at AC Man!