Where To Put An AC In The Bedroom?

Where To Put An AC In The Bedroom?

Getting a good night’s slumber is often challenging during summer in Florida. This is why air conditioning units have become essential in the present times as they can provide you with the comfort required, so you wake up fully refreshed the next day.

However, to receive the utmost comfort and to keep your machine in an efficient working condition, you must always get it installed at the right place in your bedroom. This is because installing the air conditioning system in the wrong place can not just cause discomfort but increase your utility expenses and the odds of calling air conditioning contractor Naples, FL, for frequent repairs.

What is The Right Place To Install AC in The Bedroom?

Installing the air conditioning system at the appropriate spot in your bedroom is quite essential because it not just affects your health but can also be challenging to relocate later. This is why you must keep in mind some of these points before calling technicians for air conditioning installation in Naples, FL.

  • Cold air must never blow straight onto your bed: Many people prefer having their air conditioning system blow cold air directly onto their bodies. While it might feel great for a while, this continuous blowing of cold air onto your body and face during sleep can create a negative impact on your health.

When the air conditioning unit undeviatingly blasts cold air onto your body, it takes away all the moisture and heat faster and affects your sleep quality. Hence, you may feel chilly, and other issues might start arising, such as dry lips, dry skin, and headaches after you awake in the morning.

  • Never get the AC Installed too High as it can be difficult to service: The roof height of a standard bedroom is approximately 2,700mm to 3,000mm. The air conditioning system should get installed at around 2,100mm to 2,400mm high to ensure ease of service. If your air conditioner gets installed too high, it becomes difficult for the service professionals to carry out routine maintenance tasks like cleaning or changing the air filters.

Also, the air conditioner service professionals customarily utilize a 6-step step-stool. Therefore, if your AC unit gets placed at a higher than conventional height, the professional will not be equipped to reach it and it can further increase the risk of injury.

  • Give Some breathing space to your air conditioner: The air conditioning unit relies on the return air temperature to control and manage your bedroom temperature. If your bedroom roof elevation is low, you are still required to leave at least a 50mm to 100mm passage between the AC and the ceiling to facilitate sufficient room for better return airflow. Else, you will strain the air conditioner, and it will stop functioning efficiently.

By keeping in mind some of these points, you can effortlessly get the air conditioning unit installed at the best place in your bedroom. AC Man can always help you save money on your repairs and air conditioning installation in Naples, FL. To book our expert assistance, you can give us a call at (239) 225-8994.

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